Planning My Sound

I think a shorter podcast, about 30 minutes in length, would be ideal for this project. It is academic and informational, and those listening to it are likely already listening to lectures or similar types of segments and therefore may want something familiar, but also shorter and less time-constraining. Interview style will guest speakers from… Continue reading Planning My Sound


As I’m taking this course out of curiosity and I do not think I have the most compelling voice for a podcast to do a solo work, I think I will try to do an interview/storytelling style podcast with hopefully a few participants (or at least one volunteer!). I may open with an introduction of… Continue reading Untitled

planning our sound

I’m thinking of something conversational and interview-driven. I would like to talk to people around my institute about their teaching and learning challenges and successes. How they think about the big ideas that are currently out there like Indigenization, Equity Diversity, and Inclusion, Open Learning, Universal Design for Learning, etc. How they are bringing those… Continue reading planning our sound

My sound redux

As hinted to in my previous post, I am definitely wanting to go for a more monologue sound. This is a bit different than what I am seeing out there, and it is definitely different than the conversational style of sound I had when I had a radio show in undergrad (you know in the… Continue reading My sound redux

1b. “Sad Trombone Noises”

I already talked about some of these things in my previous post. I’m leaning towards a video podcast with a single narrator, maybe sometimes an interview/conversational aspect that is structured in such a way that the video portion could be removed for hosting on other sites like Bandcamp without much modification. I think this format… Continue reading 1b. “Sad Trombone Noises”

Planning our sound: Sweater Kittens Podcast

A co-hosted, conversational format is ideal for the podcast I’m currently working on: Sweater Kittens Podcast. My best friend Ashley and I are bandmates in a grunge/rock/riot grrrl band (Sweater Kittens) and through the lens of that shared experience we have much to discuss! Making music, feminism, entrepreneurship and doing your best are some of… Continue reading Planning our sound: Sweater Kittens Podcast

Planning Our Sound

I should have looked through assignment 1b before doing 1a, looks like I covered quite a few of the points in my first submission. OK here goes again – for the record and more organized.  I am leaning toward a conversational podcast format, possibly adding interviews as our podcast matures. Conversation seems to be the… Continue reading Planning Our Sound

Planning for Plants and Peoples

What format and why?             A monologue.  My interest in podcasts is to use them to celebrate the stories shared by plants and people.  Most often, it is some practice (drawing, gardening, farming, basket-weaving, canning) that gives people the time and space to think alongside plants rather than just viewing them as background or as… Continue reading Planning for Plants and Peoples