Week 2B

Sam Nicholls When continuing to play around with Garage band, I added an echo to my introduction, as well as some music at the end of the podcast. I used different functions to fade the music in and out. Upon final playback, I noticed that some clips became misaligned and thus caused break in some… Continue reading Week 2B

Week 2A

Sam Nicholls In this first ‘episode’ I have read aloud my article written for the X-Lab, or The Cultural Heritage Informatics Collaboratory at Carleton University. This is the same organization that encouraged me to work on this podcasting Masterclass, one of the founding Professors hopes to digitize some of the work X-Lab is doing into… Continue reading Week 2A

Playing with Sound

Well this exercise was just a bit intimidating but also fun. I played around with editing two different voice tracks and importing a royalty-free music track. I managed to fade the music in and out and match amplification. I would decrease the amount of time the music plays at the beginning if I edited this… Continue reading Playing with Sound


So after reading assignment 2a and 2b, I was a bit intimidated and went away wondering what I could do that could incorporate music and not infringe on any copyright laws. It then came to me that there couldn’t be anything safer to record than generic ‘scales’. So this was an experiment done in 2… Continue reading Untitled

2a) Recording and Editing Audio: Hiking Tech Review, Ep. 1

Hiking Tech Review, Ep. One

Today I got over-excited about a new pair of hiking poles that have just arrived, so I thought I’d record my couple-minutes audio about that. Step One I recorded the audio directly into Audacity, using my headphones with included microphone. Step Two I made some edits to the file in Audacity: Make it sound more… Continue reading 2a) Recording and Editing Audio: Hiking Tech Review, Ep. 1

2a Noah

That was fun to create, it took me a bit to figure out audacity, but that system helped so much. For editing of the first round, the raw audio started at 2:04 but after editing it I end up with 1:57. I didn’t cut out a lot, mostly odd pauses and some of my early… Continue reading 2a Noah

2a. In Which Ben Cheats

I was recording these for the asynchronous virtual component of the Long Night Against Procrastination Event anyway today and thought I’d include them here. Tonally I was going for the kind of steady, almost ASMR qualities of other recorded virtual story times that public libraries tend to put on. Not exactly a natural pace or… Continue reading 2a. In Which Ben Cheats


Given that collectively, plants form more than 80% (80!) of the living world’s terrestrial weight, and that, today, we humans are the largest evolutionary and geologic force on Earth, how we people think about plants matters. Many botanists, geographers, and anthropologists are paying increasing attention to how our species’ history of ‘replanting’ the world has… Continue reading Carbon