1b: Planning Your Sound

1b: Planning Your Sound

Suggested deadline: November 7

Now that you’ve done some listening, it’s time to think about what you want your podcast to sound like.

We’d like you to draft another post now, this time answering some questions about what you want your podcast to sound like.

Important: make sure you choose “Planning Our Sound” for the post category; this will aggregate your post alongside other participants on the Planning Our Sound post page (if this link doesn’t have any content yet, get writing!).

Questions to respond to in your post:

  1. What podcast format are you leaning towards, and why? What do you think that format will offer for what you hope to accomplish?
  2. What “segments” will your show have? Listeners often appreciate an anchoring structure. For example, on You Got This!, we open with an essay or brief monologue, then share our feature interview, and close with a “Tiny Teaching Tip.” Having an established rhythm can also help you conceptualize your show.
  3. Come up with a list of adjectives to describe the tone you hope to achieve for your show. Try to find five. For example, Brenna describes the tone she aspires to for You Got This! as encouraging, friendly, conversational, easygoing, and honest.
  4. What do you want your theme song to sound like? Spend some time exploring Free Music Archive to find something that might be suitable, and share it with us.
  5. Do you imagine including sound effects in your show? If so, what do you hope they will achieve? See if you can find something that fits your vibe by exploring the Wikimedia archive, or by recording something in your world for use to listen to. Share it by linking or upload to your post!

In the Fall 2022 iteration of this course, Week 1 Assignments are due on November 7. You can sign up to join our live discussion of Week 1 by clicking here. And whenever you are accessing this course, we offer support via our Mattermost Team, which you can join by clicking here.