Sound for Retro Futurist Podcast

Robot and adult human female couple

My podcast is about the way previous generations thought about the future, and more specifically about how we might feel things, or experience feelings and emotions differently in the future.

As a structure, I will open each episode with a quote or prediction from either a science fiction writer or futurist, and end with a poignant question for listeners to consider. I’d like the tone of the podcast will be witty, curious, intelligent, friendly, and hopeful.

In terms of sound or sound effects – I am open to suggestions! I’d like to stay away from anything that would suggest cultural appropriation, and instead look for universal sounds – nature, mechanical, laughter, etc. Some samples are below.


    1. So would I, especially if it was relatively short. This topic has the potential to become tedious if it went beyond 15 minutes IMHO, especially if it turned to popular dystopian themes. Then again, how speculation of the future from 2022 escape being dystopian?

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