Week 1: Critical Listening Skills

Week 1: Critical Listening Skills

Establishing your sound is an important first step in developing your podcast. This week, you’ll spend some time listening to different podcasts and getting a sense of what you like and don’t like. Then, if you choose, you can move on to the second assignment, and start to plot out what you want your podcast to sound like. You’ll also get a little bit of practice editing in WordPress, which is where we’ll be teaching you how to post and distribute your podcast.

Before you get started this week, you might like to read about different podcast formats, so you can think about what you want to listen to and what you want to make.

In the Fall 2022 iteration of this course, Week 1 Assignments are due on November 7. You can sign up to join our live discussion of Week 1 by clicking here. And whenever you are accessing this course, we offer support via our Mattermost Team, which you can join by clicking here.

Assignment 1a: Listening Journal
Assignment 1b: Planning Your Sound

We recommend doing Assignment 1a first. If you finished it and still have time, or if you completed 1a in a previous iteration of the course, go ahead and move on to 1b.