My sound redux

As hinted to in my previous post, I am definitely wanting to go for a more monologue sound. This is a bit different than what I am seeing out there, and it is definitely different than the conversational style of sound I had when I had a radio show in undergrad (you know in the early 90s) with a friend of mine. However, I did end up doing solo shows towards the end and it felt like it was a place for me.

I think a monologue type podcast will fit what I have in mind because the topic that I want to discuss (accessibility) seems to be the kind of topic where folk are always asking “just give me a checklist” and I want to get them out of this need for checklists by highlighting accessibility through relationship building with my listeners (you know maybe Brenna and my mom). I may have interviews or conversations later, but to start I think having a podcast would be the next step of the “alt-text” Ann brand I seem to have on Twitter. Plus people need this info to make their spaces more accessible and I want to make getting that info more accessible.

Because I want to keep it under 20 minutes I have been thinking about if there is space for segments besides intro and outro. I am still thinking on this a lot and I am open to any suggestions for something that I could have as a segment besides what I am thinking which is “Accessibility Fail of the Week” (I won’t do that, but gosh do I want to).

In terms of adjectives I am going for: informational, funny, motivating, ethical, and communal

Did I go to that link you gave and type in the word accessible and found something great? Yes, yes I did. I am still debating because I need to reflect on creative license and what I want to do with this podcast.

I do not want sound effects, because honestly there is no real way to make sound effects accessible. That being said, I do appreciate Buffering the Vampire Slayer forever for their Detective Angel, The Patriarchy, and Hell Math jingles because I end up singing them in ridiculous life situations.


  1. I am excited to see what you do with this. I do love the idea of Accessibility Fail of The Week! Also, how much extra work is it to have an individual jingle about the episode? Good on Buffering to add that extra level!

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