Planning Our Sound

I should have looked through assignment 1b before doing 1a, looks like I covered quite a few of the points in my first submission.

OK here goes again – for the record and more organized. 

  1. I am leaning toward a conversational podcast format, possibly adding interviews as our podcast matures. Conversation seems to be the way our Center for Teaching and Learning works as we discuss our day-to-day work in SoTL, Learning Design, and (ethical) Ed Tech. I also think a conversation will have a greater appeal to our faculty than lecturing them. 
  2. I propose that we start with a fictionalized story, possibly drawn from our encounters with faculty. Then we examine and critique the praxis that applies. Finally we end with some practical tips or tools that could be helpful. Additional resources can be linked in the show notes. I’m also pretty sure this will get shifted around as I discuss a podcast with my colleagues. 
  3. Adjectives to describe the tone of our podcast will include welcoming, professional, caring, knowledgeable, and researched. 
  4. I am musically challenged. After listening to a couple jazz selections, I do like the track Any Other Time from the album Equinox Rising by Ketsa from the free music archive. At least I thought I liked it in the opening bars. But then, we’ll keep our a theme music short because audio overlaying speech is annoying. So maybe the opening bars of Any Other Time will suffice. 
  5. I think number four has already answered question five. Sound effects are distracting in conversation unless speakers occasionally produces their own oral sound effects.
  6. No one asked about duration. Less is more, so busy instructors should be more inclined to listen to 10 minutes (duration of typical northern commute home) than a lengthier conversation.

Next assignment won’t be done at the last minute (Jim promises himself.)

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  1. People’s preferred lengths for podcasts are so varied. I probably wouldn’t even bother downloading a 10 minute podcast, it doesn’t seem long enough!
    I’m fine dropping in and out of podcasts without having to finish them in one go. (And, I have to admit, I do listen to podcasts at 1.5x speed…)

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