2b) More Editing: Hiking Tech Review, Ep. 2

Hiking Tech Review, Ep. 2

For this assignment, I recorded a second episode of my experimental podcast, “Hiking Tech Review,” and did some more editing. Added a middle music interlude, using a different section of the piece I had chosen for the intro and outro. Played with fades in and out. Added a sound effect, footsteps of hiking boots! Cleaned… Continue reading 2b) More Editing: Hiking Tech Review, Ep. 2


For assignment 2b I used the same audio clip. After finally taking out the word ‘other’ and ‘um’: I replaced the initial opening piano scale with a violin clip playing an ascending scale (from the commons.wikimedia link Brenna provided), and shifted the rest of the audio accordingly (what would we do without all the ‘how-to’… Continue reading Untitled

2b Noah

To be or not to be? This was a lot of fun, because I love the music bumpers in podcasts. I think I finally found a song I like for it too (and probably included way too much of it) I’ve also made it sound like I’m swearing about Brenna’s blog instead of stuttering… Something… Continue reading 2b Noah

Too Many Sound Effects?

Here’s a sample from an interview I did a few months ago with Dr. Brenna Clark Gray. And here’s my main questions for people: are there too many sound effects? I feel like I learned to put in sound effects and then went a little nuts putting them in everywhere, and I’m now reconsidering that… Continue reading Too Many Sound Effects?

Fading Away

Unable to come up with an idea for a new script, I wrote the following lament, My brain is empty I’m out of gasI can’t find a story I’ll just have to pass Maybe some sleepWill do the trick After I rest I won’t be so thick and reloaded my original Audio Experiment project to try the three new… Continue reading Fading Away

Assignment 2B

Same recording as my other post where I am reading a poem, but I added some sound effects to it of birds chirping and edited the sound levels as the sound effect was way louder than my voice when I imported it.