Planning our sound: Sweater Kittens Podcast

A co-hosted, conversational format is ideal for the podcast I’m currently working on: Sweater Kittens Podcast. My best friend Ashley and I are bandmates in a grunge/rock/riot grrrl band (Sweater Kittens) and through the lens of that shared experience we have much to discuss! Making music, feminism, entrepreneurship and doing your best are some of the major themes. Our existing rapport comes through naturally in this conversational way, and there is a lot of room for variety in terms of content with this slightly looser structure.

The segments I plan to incorporate (so far) are to open with a quick weekly catch-up, then roll into a short, entertaining segment or two, like Office Job Junction (where we each give one highlight from our day jobs), Meow or Never (a game of choices, like “would you rather”) and Thrifted Treasure of the Week for example. Following that, we’d have a feature topic discussion. Episode wrap-up will likely be another short, fun segment and sign off.

The tone I hope to strike in this podcast is conversational, funny, uncensored, subversive, authentic, and relatable.

As a band, our theme song is one of our existing songs. Convenient! We chose a fuzzy, bluesy bassline intro from on of our jams, and will use some other parts of the same song for transitions and outro to maintain a consistent theme.

I don’t plan to use any sound effects in our production, but boy do I like browsing sound effects archives! I don’t foresee them being necessary to this project.

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