About the Masterclass

Fall 2022 Iteration: November 1 – December 2
Final Submission “Deadline”: December 15

Learning Technology & Innovation is proud to present our self-directed “introductory masterclass” on podcasting. The class lasts four weeks and can be completed at your own pace; if you choose pace yourself along with us, you will complete the course in a month and have access to four live on-line sessions to practice skills and ask questions.

By the end of this course, learners will:

  • Have a clear sense of whether podcasting is the right medium for their project.
  • Understand the different ways podcasting can be used for mobilizing scholarly knowledge.
  • Have exposure to basic experiences of recording and editing audio.
  • Have exposure to basic experiences using WordPress for podcast distribution.
  • Have a scope for development of their own scholarly podcast.

The thematic focus of the course is scholarly podcasting, but there is space here for everyone and the skills are broadly transferable to any podcasting project.

Join Us!

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