planning our sound

I’m thinking of something conversational and interview-driven. I would like to talk to people around my institute about their teaching and learning challenges and successes. How they think about the big ideas that are currently out there like Indigenization, Equity Diversity, and Inclusion, Open Learning, Universal Design for Learning, etc. How they are bringing those… Continue reading planning our sound

My sound redux

As hinted to in my previous post, I am definitely wanting to go for a more monologue sound. This is a bit different than what I am seeing out there, and it is definitely different than the conversational style of sound I had when I had a radio show in undergrad (you know in the… Continue reading My sound redux

1b. “Sad Trombone Noises”

I already talked about some of these things in my previous post. I’m leaning towards a video podcast with a single narrator, maybe sometimes an interview/conversational aspect that is structured in such a way that the video portion could be removed for hosting on other sites like Bandcamp without much modification. I think this format… Continue reading 1b. “Sad Trombone Noises”