Planning My Sound

I think a shorter podcast, about 30 minutes in length, would be ideal for this project. It is academic and informational, and those listening to it are likely already listening to lectures or similar types of segments and therefore may want something familiar, but also shorter and less time-constraining. Interview style will guest speakers from within the university, or outside it, to inspire research and provide them with a platform to have their voices heard, challenged and explored.

This show might have guest speakers who are active in the digital humanities – could be professors, students, or cultural heritage organizations who have worked with diverse technologies in the cultural heritage world.

Conversational, casual, academic, enlightening, new.

Tech-y, digital and modern. A music for this type of podcast would work best if it emulated a futuristic-y and digital sound – this is the way we will be teaching and learning history in the future. Digital history podcast.

I don’t think this kind of show would have sound effects. As a more conversational type of podcast, with serious and academic undertones, I feel as though sound effects may hinder its legitimacy as an academic source

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