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For my first podcast I’m leaning toward the monologue podcast to start. It is simple and will let me get started without additional people or requirements. When I do projects like this I like to think of it in terms of Genre, Conventions, Audience, Purpose.

Genre and conventions are a lot of what I’m hoping to learn about in this course. I have absorbed some of it from listening to podcasts myself but I’ve never created one.

Audience for the podcast is TRU students and other university students looking to learn more about careers and professional job applications. It will likely be linked as additional content for my career management course and I will offer it to the other faculty in their sections of it.

The purpose of the show is to talk about the most common career management topics I talk about in guest lecturing, in my career management course, in workshops, and in one-to-one discussions with students.

I think that a monologue format will let me do a lot of that content in a way that I can fit into bite sized understandings of 30 minutes or less.

Other thoughts I had was that it would be great to have occasional “career path” episodes where I talk with people about their career path, but I think there are already a lot of podcasts out there who specialize in that type of conversation, so it wouldn’t really differentiate my podcast.

I have found that podcasts with a brief opener to situate the content have been great, and I like the structure You Got This uses with the closing tip. I also want to use reflective questions to help scaffold the learning. So I think my format will be

  • Intro to the show (30 seconds or less)
  • Intro to the week (1 min)
  • 2 Scaffolding questions (1-2 min)
  • Main content (20-25 min)
  • Summary (2-3 min)
  • Reflective question (1-2 min)
  • Close off (30 seconds or less)

Some adjectives for the tone of the show are: friendly, supportive, professional, caring, knowledgeable.

I was hoping for some sort of music that references jobs, or work, or something like that, but all of the ones I found were Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative, and my understanding is that then you can’t take just 10-30 seconds of the song, you’d have to include the full song.

I’m hoping for something up-beat and either leaning into pop or hip-hop. I’ll keep looking this week for something.

Some possibilities so far, though none are quite what I was hoping for:


I wish FMA had a better selection of hip-hop and rap.

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