1a) Listening Journal

I’m entering the TRU Podcasting Masterclass with a very specific project in mind, which will guide my explorations and my answers to weekly assignments.  In particular, I’m planning to produce a series of scholarly podcasts for a Canadian heritage not-for-profit in which a retired professor of Canadian history narrates selections of their most exciting research… Continue reading 1a) Listening Journal


This was a helpful first assignment because I probably do not often listen to podcasts (or perhaps I just don’t think I do).  I have listened to audiobooks, old original and revamped radio dramas. There is something about the creativity of audio without the visual that is refreshing. For radio dramas, interviews, or a program… Continue reading Untitled

listening journal

What format was most compelling for you to listen to? the format that was most compelling for me to listen are usually cover station formatted podcasts. These podcasts are compelling for me personally since the podcasts I listen to talk about social issues and its like a conversation with other people and its nice to… Continue reading listening journal

my listening journal

The first podcast I remember downloading and listening from a podcast app was Brain Science with Ginger Campbell, MD. This podcast is very nerdy in the best sense. Dr Campbell finds a book on neuroscience, soaks it up, then brings the author of that book on her show for an in-depth discussion. It’s very predictably… Continue reading my listening journal

Hmm, so many choices!

After listening to examples of different podcast styles, two appear to be my favourites. I enjoy the interview and documentary styles of podcasts. This is probably the case because of what I hope to use podcasts for from an academic perspective. I teach social work at a college in northern Alberta. I’ve started to include… Continue reading Hmm, so many choices!

Planning my sound

I’m learning toward interview/conversational because I want the podcast to be about bringing people together because I think they should meet each other. I believe it will start with an introductory essay on a theme that connects with the people I’ll be inviting into the conversation. Then move into the conversation. I’d like to end… Continue reading Planning my sound

Listening journal – CAdam

I’ve been reflecting a great deal this week about the podcast listening I do and when. In fairly frequent rotation as I walk back and forth to work are The Daily, We Can Do Hard Things, both Brene Brown podcasts, Smartless, the Moth, Mortified, Revisionist History, Longform, Modern Love, Good Ancestor Podcast… On car trips… Continue reading Listening journal – CAdam