2b: Three More Editing Tasks

2b: Three More Editing Tasks

Suggested deadline: November 14

For these editing tasks, you can use the audio you recorded for 2a, or a different clip entirely — it’s up to you. Let’s keep our experiments to around two minutes, though, so that we can all listen to them.

  1. Add music to your audio recording. (If you did this in task 2a, add a second music clip.) Practice playing with the levels to fade the music into and then out of your audio recording. You can read more about Fades in Audacity here, and you can find royalty-free music to use here.
  2. Edit in a sound effect to your audio recording. You might try bleeping out some of your audio as though you are redacting content or covering a curse word or maybe you want to add an echo to your voice.
  3. Do something to “clean up” your audio — this is subjective! Play with the equalizer function to do something like reduce popped sounds (those plosive ps and ds) or sibilance, bring up a quiet bit of your audio, or play with the noise reduction function (Video tutorial on noise reduction).

When you’re ready, make a post and share your creations!

Important: make sure you choose “More Editing” for the post category; this will aggregate your post alongside other participants on the More Editing post page (if this link doesn’t have any content yet, get editing!).

In the Fall 2022 iteration of this course, Week 2 Assignments are due on November 14. There’s no discussion this week because we’re observing Remembrance Day at TRU, but you can sign up to join our other live discussions by clicking here. And whenever you are accessing this course, we offer support via our Mattermost Team, which you can join by clicking here.