1b. “Sad Trombone Noises”

I already talked about some of these things in my previous post. I’m leaning towards a video podcast with a single narrator, maybe sometimes an interview/conversational aspect that is structured in such a way that the video portion could be removed for hosting on other sites like Bandcamp without much modification. I think this format will give me the time and space to make the kind of informative but also somewhat theatrical art pieces that I’m interested in.

I think part of my anchoring structure is again what I mentioned in my previous post. Pop culture + scholarship + personal anecdotes. Possibly having subheading could help provide further structure if the talk goes on long enough (which it will). I think I’ll try starting off with a personal anecdote tied to the pop culture reference before getting into the scholarship or current issue.

Adjectives: Educational, associative, sincere, quirky, personal, political, poetic, and even-paced.

Music: Willy Fog by Crowander or Perdue No. 4 by Barryvan from The Free Music Archive. They are light, a little eerie, a little playful. Or possibly some openly available version of one of Erik Satie’s pieces.

Sound Effects: I think I could use some. I know the BBC also has a repository of freely available sound effects. Mainly used for humorous effect.

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  1. I love how this is already sounding in my head as you describe it — I am a sucker for “Pop culture + scholarship + personal anecdotes” myself! I’m sort of imagining a storyteller vibe here, a way to draw people into the scholarship through that all-so-important par asocial relationship. Really eager to hear where this goes.

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