Week 2: Recording and Editing Skills

Week 2: Recording and Editing Skills

It can be really intimidating to start recording audio if you never have before — there’s so much to know! But the truth is, capturing an editing audio is easier than you think, and you’ll be able to accomplish a lot with just a little bit of practice. This week, we’re throwing you in the deep end but we know you’ll come out swimming.

Before you get started this week, we encourage you to download Audacity and check out a short tutorial to get yourself oriented to the basic functions. Also, here are the changes to Audacity after update 3.1. (If you’re using a different audio editor, feel free to scope out a good tutorial for it and share it with us instead — other good choices include Garageband, if you’re on the Mac, or paid software options like Hindenburg.)

In the Fall 2022 iteration of this course, Week 2 Assignments are due on November 14. There’s no discussion this week because we’re observing Remembrance Day at TRU, but you can sign up to join our other live discussions by clicking here. And whenever you are accessing this course, we offer support via our Mattermost Team, which you can join by clicking here.

Assignment 2a: Recording and Editing Audio
Assignment 2b: Three More Editing Tasks

We recommend doing Assignment 2a first. If you finished it and still have time, or if you completed 2a in a previous iteration of the course, go ahead and move on to 2b.