Digital Tent Mix

This took longer than I expected, given that I’ve been dabbling in Audacity projects for over 15 years. The Envelope tool was less familiar since I’d only used it a few times. I kept finding new ways to mess up my music fades, undoing them, and trying again. At one point it was so irredeemable… Continue reading Digital Tent Mix

Welcome to “In the Midst”

Hi Everyone, For Week Two of the course my partner, Josh, and I recorded a short scripted introduction to our children’s literature podcast called In the Midst: A Kid’s Lit Podcast. It ended up a little choppy and awkward (even beyond our forced awkwardness to try to be funny) but whose first attempt isn’t awkward? … Continue reading Welcome to “In the Midst”

Better Late (and cheating) Than Never?

A scene from Great British Bake-Off where a contestant presents a mess and is asked what happened. He responds, "Started making it. Had a breakdown. Bon appetit."

Okay, so here’s my Week 2 audio experiment. I’m behind at everything lately, after my mic shorted out. I also admit to having a slightly gloomy, October-y countenance about me. On another project — indeed, my SSHRC-funded podcast project — I recently had what could lovingly be referred to as an old-school breakdown that led… Continue reading Better Late (and cheating) Than Never?

GeoPod ep.0

Here is the bare audio for my proposed Geocaching Podcast. I will probably go back and add music to make it more podcasty but right now it is just the edited audio with a little bit of noise reduction. Geocaching is a real world ‘treasure’ where you utilize a GPS device or a smartphone app… Continue reading GeoPod ep.0

A blast from the past

I was fortunate to have a few audio bits still in the hopper, for my audio experiment this week. This is from a conversation I had with Jon Fulton, May 2020! While this seems like an eternity ago, we have been collaborating on various Teaching with Video projects over the years. When we went into… Continue reading A blast from the past

Let’s Get Spooky

Creating 2 minutes of content for this audio experiment was a fulfilling exercise. In the end I chose to present a reading of an old-timey poem in a sort of ode to the spooky autumn season. Before I reached that conclusion though, I ended up taking a recording tour of my house, capturing a collection… Continue reading Let’s Get Spooky

Sitting in a Glory Daze Room

Notes: I started out goofing on a version of “Sitting in a Room” by Alvin Lucier. It is a legendary 1969 audio experiment with cascading repeating audio loops (at the time played from one tape recorder into another), and eventually it descends into pure noise. Production note: I was using my home microphone, and the… Continue reading Sitting in a Glory Daze Room

Andraste’s Gadfly

Audio Experiments: This audio is an attempt to make a little preview or trailer for a podcast project I’ve been slowly working on with a friend of mine. This is way more layering of audio than I’ve done in the past, but I think it turned out reasonably well for someone who just started playing… Continue reading Andraste’s Gadfly