Week 2: Recording and editing audio

I read one of my favourite poems by Edgar Allan Poe, The Valley of Unrest. There was quite a bit of background noise, so I edited my audio clip by trying to reduce that, and by clipping my pauses at the beginning and end. Some words also seemed to spike in volume, so I tried to level those out.


  1. Editing audio is such a rabbit hole (and I love this poem). Are you recording with your built-in mic? I suspect it because it sounds like I can hear computer fans — would that our internal mics could account for that, but they don’t seem to!

  2. Good stuff! I consider myself something of a goth, but I’ve not actually read this Poe poem. Thank you for introducing me to it. Did you use the noise reduction, compression, and normalization features in Audacity? I’m feeling like I should use all three like I use sriracha (i.e. put them on everything), as I’ve yet to hear a clip where they didn’t help at least a bit.

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