Playing with Sound

Well this exercise was just a bit intimidating but also fun. I played around with editing two different voice tracks and importing a royalty-free music track. I managed to fade the music in and out and match amplification. I would decrease the amount of time the music plays at the beginning if I edited this piece again.

I’ve included the transcript:

Speaker 1: Welcome to the Rural and Northern Social Work podcast. I am your host, Doctor Tracy Orr.

The purpose of this podcast is to connect with and interview social workers who practice in non-urban settings from prairie towns and villages to northern and remote communities.

Whether you are a social work student or practised as a social worker for decades,

I hope you will find that this podcast will deepen your knowledge of social work, practice in non-urban settings and expand the possibilities for your own practice.

So, grab a coffee or a cup of tea.

Sit back and listen to the real life experiences of social workers from rural and remote areas across the western provinces of Canada. Welcome.

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