Playing with Sound

Well this exercise was just a bit intimidating but also fun. I played around with editing two different voice tracks and importing a royalty-free music track. I managed to fade the music in and out and match amplification. I would decrease the amount of time the music plays at the beginning if I edited this… Continue reading Playing with Sound

2b Noah

To be or not to be? This was a lot of fun, because I love the music bumpers in podcasts. I think I finally found a song I like for it too (and probably included way too much of it) I’ve also made it sound like I’m swearing about Brenna’s blog instead of stuttering… Something… Continue reading 2b Noah

2a Noah

That was fun to create, it took me a bit to figure out audacity, but that system helped so much. For editing of the first round, the raw audio started at 2:04 but after editing it I end up with 1:57. I didn’t cut out a lot, mostly odd pauses and some of my early… Continue reading 2a Noah

Beginning to think of End

A brief foray into introducing what I’d like to talk about in these podcasts. It still needs work but there you are.

Andraste’s Gadfly Trailer

Want to know what Andraste’s Gadfly is about? Here’s a bit of an introduction to the podcast of two philosophers who are slightly obsessed with the Dragon Age games!