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That was fun to create, it took me a bit to figure out audacity, but that system helped so much. For editing of the first round, the raw audio started at 2:04 but after editing it I end up with 1:57. I didn’t cut out a lot, mostly odd pauses and some of my early overuse of the word “so”.

Here are the captions, the system seems to have changed a bit since the example video Brenna created.

Hi, this is Noah Arney.
For this first
recording, I wanted to
create a sort of audio journal.
So I wanted to talk
today about one of
the reasons I wanted to
do this as a podcast.
I was inspired to talk about
this by Brenna’s blog post
last week about ego as
flow of theater nerd.
I definitely get that.
I have how I wish I taught
my classes being based
mostly on discussion and
peer reviewed projects.
And then what ends up happening
in especially first-year
classes that I teach,
which is me lecturing
for about two-thirds
of the class time.
And why?
Well, probably
because in my role,
That’s what I’m normally doing.
I’m either working one-on-one
with students where it’s
discussion or revision or
critical reflection time.
Or I’m doing guest lecturing
in someone else’s class.
And it’s that second part
that influences this a lot.
When you only get 45 min
to talk with students,
you don’t have a lot of
time for much other than,
here’s a bunch of things you
need to know and here they are.
So I think it’s two
things here for me.
On the one hand,
I like to think I’m
decent at lecturing.
Not as good as Brent up, but
I think I’m pretty good.
And it’s a huge ego thing to
have everyone hanging
on your every word.
On the other hand,
is a really fast
and efficient way
of introducing content.
But I know it is not
a good way to go in
depth on the content.
It’s a good way to start.
And so that’s kinda where
I’m a little unsure.
So that’s one of the reasons
I want to do this as
a podcast because it
allows me to create a,
would you like to know
more for those longer form
things that I like
students to be able
to listen to and know about.
That isn’t gonna be
done in class anymore.
So that’s what I love.

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  1. Good stuff Noah!

    I hear you on the wanting to leave some of the lecturing component to an asynchronous content that students can engage with in their own time (or speed up times 2!) to make the classroom more focused on discussion.

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