Stale Playlists

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Actually, scratch that, I subscribe to a lot of podcasts. I used to listen to a lot of podcasts but over the past couple years my habits have changed in ways that make listening to hours of audio a day harder. I increasingly find myself looking at a… Continue reading Stale Playlists

Karen’s Listening

I typically listen to around 8 hours of podcasts a week. I share a small space with my family (a teenager and a ten year old) and we seem to come together more if there is quiet in our home. I would likely listen to more podcasts if I was not aware that when my… Continue reading Karen’s Listening


I have tried to find the right focus for a podcast for a while now because I keep reading articles that talk about how the narrower the focus your podcast is, the better it will be. One example of this I really enjoy is The Worst Idea Of All Time. You know, the podcast where… Continue reading #walrusyes

New to podcasts, who dis?

I have listened to a few podcasts, mostly on CBC and my guilty pleasure is mysteries, especially when I have a long drive ahead of me. I am hoping to learn more about the production of podcasts and possibly use them for a librarian research podcast and maybe a personal one discussing topics that interest… Continue reading New to podcasts, who dis?

Listening Journal

I have a fairly large and eclectic group of podcasts that I listen to regularly. Several of them appear in the Amplify Podcast Network blog. From an academic perspective, I enjoy Science vs, Think Like an Economist, EconTalk, Inquiring Minds, HBR Idea Cast, and LSE Public Lectures & Events. I also follow several NPR, Wondery,… Continue reading Listening Journal