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  1. What format was most compelling for you to listen to?

the format that was most compelling for me to listen are usually cover station formatted podcasts. These podcasts are compelling for me personally since the podcasts I listen to talk about social issues and its like a conversation with other people and its nice to hear people join in and talk about this opinions on certain matters. I also enjoy story telling podcasts or even solo podcasts, dwell as group podcasts.

What kinds of production choices — music, effects, segments — do you like, and which turn you off?

I would turn off music and effects and keep segments. I like podcasts that sound like a conversation rather than having music and effects in them. I persoanlly find them more appealing.

What conventions seem to emerge in podcasts related to your discipline or that you want to emulate?

definitely social issues.

What podcast couldn’t you find to listen to — and do you want to make it? What might that look like?

I would want to take on conversational pieces about any topic really. I feel as if its conversational you can cover many things at once.

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  1. I also like making and listening to conversational podcasts! Another important factor is that they are much easier to make — less time to invest in editing, especially — than something like a documentary-style show. Great observations.

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