Mallory’s Listening Journal

This week I listened to my regular lineup of true crime and entertainment podcasts along with the first episode of Chameleon: Wild Boys, which was a recommendation in the Mattermost “Now Playing” chat. My listening preferences tend to veer mainly toward co-host conversational formats (ex. The Friendship Onion) and solo narrative storytelling (ex. Someone Knows… Continue reading Mallory’s Listening Journal

Jim’s Listening Journal

Joining just today, I’ll document my recent podcast listening since I don’t have time to plan a listening schedule with the suggested podcasts. One of my favourites is a conversational/co-hosted weekly podcast featuring a humorous and critical insider’s look at American evangelicalism’s shenanigans in the news. They then add an interview segment to the second… Continue reading Jim’s Listening Journal

Assignment 1a

Instead of rehashing some of the podcasts from last session of the Podcast Masterclass, I thought I would talk about a new podcast I recently listened to; Wild Boys is a short series that tells the story of two boys who claim to have grown up in the woods near Revelstoke and are found wandering… Continue reading Assignment 1a

Listening Journal

I am interested in a monologue-style podcast and confirmed this by listening to the samples. I chose this style because I like to work in isolation. Also, I am creative, and want to have control over the creative aspect of the podcast. I am interested in learning how to edit sound, and in particular, what… Continue reading Listening Journal

Listening Journal

What format was most compelling for you to listen to? I don’t love a solo show. I tend to zone out pretty quickly. That said, I sometimes get annoyed with shows where one person is being interviewed and the interviewer interrupts them. I also don’t like when there are two hosts just gabbing about random… Continue reading Listening Journal

A Narrative Focus

Though music tends to be my most frequent form of auditory entertainment, podcasts offer a totally different experience that I really value. For me, podcasts are a form of “edutainment” where I can learn a bit, catch up on popculture, experience talented performances, or just have a few laughs.  The formats I find most compelling… Continue reading A Narrative Focus

Pop culture top up

I listen to entertainment and self publishing podcast mostly. I like to keep somewhat up-to-date with pop culture, but don’t have the time to do that by watching, or listening, to endless programs. In a way this type of podcasting is edutainment for me. Because I consider this to be entertaining I prefer the multi-speaker… Continue reading Pop culture top up