3B: Visuals

Sam Nicholls

Since this podcast is part of a collaborative group of academics and scholars, it’s difficult to discern what the cover image might be. Given that the podcast is also hosted by an academic group from Carleton University, the image needs to be representative of the prestige of the institution. I am imaging that something designed to show the combination of traditional ‘history’ and the new digital world that history is found and being create – perhaps, a design of a book and a computer coming together in a simple logo/design.

Again, because the podcast is hosted/posted on Carleton’s website, it’s important to stick with the institution’s branding. For this reason, it is likely that its colours will be red, black and white.

Our show notes will be brief, including a summary of the episode’s topic. Importantly, the show notes will incorporate a biography of the guest speaker. It may include notes of their publications and work, as well as further resources that the listener can view, related to the episode’s topic.

The show will be shared through social media, predominantly. I don’t think it will require its own social media page at the beginning, as word of mouth will spread the podcast. Because X-lab is a collaboratory with several dynamic people involved, we can rely on these individuals to circulate the show. Eventually, we may decide to create a social media page, namely, Twitter, to circulate and promote the podcast further.

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