3b. Podcast Visuals For The Non-Aesthetic

Podcast cover for Accessagogy podcast. On a purple background it has the words accessibility + pedagogy in the centre and with host Ann Gagne at the bottom

On top of what I mentioned previously about my concern that my tinnitus would mean that my podcast would have fuzzy noises I would not be able to hear and thus edit out, the visual component of this is also something that is giving me anxiety. This is due to two reasons: 1. I couldn’t fashion or style myself out of a paper bag with 3 sides taken out and 2. I want the aesthetic to match the ethic. Thus, if I cannot easily describe the podcast cover in an alt-text it’s not going to be for me. Also it just needs to be accessible in design as well. No busy prints or designs, accessible font and colour contrasts. I know that colour contrasts is actually an area of accessibility that I need to work on more so this is also a great learning opportunity and way to get feedback.

The featured image is what I came up with so far and like I said it may not be horrible (or maybe it is), but I am sure it needs work, so please any feedback welcome.

I have had a Blogger since 2009! For my podcast I definitely need to get my own WordPress or Wix? because my podcast is going to be just one part of a cool new thing I am starting (that is a lot of work and I am tired so I can’t talk about it yet but coming soon!). The website again needs to model the content, so it needs to be accessible. This is why I mentioned Wix because I know the work to make it accessible for someone with minimal code knowledge is less than a WordPress. I also don’t have a lot of time/cash right now to hire someone to just be the accessibility person for the website (but that is definitely a future goal).

Show notes for the podcast will definitely include the question I am responding to (if any), transcripts (though I think Brenna and I disagree about the linking to a separate page for the transcript thing because folk in disability community said they would like it all on one page). It will also link out to resources with accessible links that don’t do that “click here” thing. The show notes will be informational but help support the community thing I am building.

In terms of where the podcast will index, that is also a tough question because it needs to be accessible technically and accessible financially. I will probably go with Apple Podcast and I have real concerns about the ethics of Spotify pay to play framing and what that is doing to podcasting. I need to do more research about Stitcher, and again open to any ideas or feedback about any of these from those of you in this class or with experience with podcasting.

The marketing piece is also hard because Twitter is dying and that is my main social media presence and how most people know me. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time thinking about next steps and this all connects to the project I am working on so the answer is honestly I do not know. I know this may make my next assignment for this class more difficult to complete, but I will try to do my best.

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