Mono Media

I’ve been struggling with my own computer and microphone specifically. I believe its from messing around with various audio software such as Loopback and OBS and lots of various plugins and drivers, that seem to have taken away my ability to record in stereo. Its gotten to the point where I may just wipe this… Continue reading Mono Media

Sitting in a Glory Daze Room

I started out goofing on a version of “Sitting in a Room” by Alvin Lucier. It is a legendary 1969 audio experiment with cascading repeating audio loops (at the time played from one tape recorder into another), and eventually it descends into pure noise. Transcript for Sitting in a Glory Daze Room (HTML)

Beginning to think of End

A brief foray into introducing what I’d like to talk about in these podcasts. It still needs work but there you are.

Andraste’s Gadfly Trailer

Want to know what Andraste’s Gadfly is about? Here’s a bit of an introduction to the podcast of two philosophers who are slightly obsessed with the Dragon Age games!